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What we do

Petersen Ink focuses on workplace communication. What we do, we do well.

It is not easy to write clearly and succinctly. Professional support can make major improvements to both the content and clarity of your writing. Our writing and editing services include:

Policy documents to provide clarity of purpose to staff. Policy writing should be essential in every organisation, but competing priorities often mean it is ignored or delegated to staff without the time or expertise to do it well.

Doctrine and manuals to capture essential organisational learning. The best businesses and government organisations record their doctrine and procedures and use it to ensure learning and experience is embedded inside their culture.

Tenders to align company capabilities with client requirements. Persuading potential clients of your ability to meet their needs is an essential part of business. While many businesses have an excellent product or service to provide, they can be daunted by the complexities of responding to requests for tenders.

Coaching and training to improve communication skills. Petersen Ink is a quality assured provider for delivery of the Australian Public Service Commission's compelling communications package. We also design, develop and deliver training and coaching in the following areas:

  • general writing skills
  • writing for government
  • communicating in challenging situations
  • gathering and analysing information.