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Why choose us

For more than fifteen years, we have helped clients with workplace communication. Our reputation and credibility is built on lasting relationships and delivering the best possible results for each client.

We are experts at what we do. All of us. Our people have experience dealing with the most challenging issues of workplace communication. You will not be serviced by someone less capable who has been brought in to cope with a surge in work.

We are agile and responsive. While major projects are well within our capacity, we are equally happy with small tasks, even at short notice.

We price our services fairly. We maintain a small business footprint. You will pay for services, not expensive office and management overheads.

We are easy to engage. We are a member of the following government supplier panels:

  • Australian Public Service Commission Learning and Development Panel, including certification as a quality assured provider for┬átheir 'Compelling communication' and 'Essential writing skills' programs
  • Australian Public Service Commission Business Services Panel
  • Defence Capability Acquisition and Sustainment - Support Services Panel.

If your business, department or agency does not have access to these panels, we can provide services to you at prices consistent with our panel rates.